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How to upload your photos to us
using the website

(Download these instructions in PDF format)

As an overview, here's what you'll do:
  • Copy your photos into a separate folder.
  • "Zip" the folder.
  • Upload it using
  • Send us the website link that MegaUpload gives you.

    Here are step-by-step instructions:

    First of all, copy all the photos you intend to send us into one folder. In the below example, we'll assume your folder is named "Gentry Wedding".

    Optional: if you want to learn how to copy & reduce your photos so that you can send us hundreds of photos, click here. But again, this is optional. If you're only sending about 50 photos, don't worry about doing this.

    Remember to keep the "main" photo -- the photo that will be the main subject of your mosaic -- in its original file size; don't reduce it in size. You could email this one photo to us separately if you want to.

    Next, "zip" up the folder you just made. Here's how:

                 Name the folder either your name or it's subject -- examples: "Jennifer Gentry", "Gentry Wedding", etc.             
                              (To do this, right click on the folder, click "Rename" and type in either your name or the subject.)

                 Right-click on the folder you just made to highlight it.

                 Click "Send To" and then click "Compressed Zip Folder".

                 Let the computer then copy and zip up the folder.

                 You will now have a ZIP folder by the same name as your folder. In this example, it is "Gentry"

    Go to and you'll see this:

    You don't have to "login" or "register". You can use this website free for our purposes here.

    Fill in the blanks. Notice that you are required to give a description of your zip file. Simply type in your name, or the subject of the zip file so we'll know who it's from. (In the below example, it is "Jennifer and Brad Gentry Wedding".)

    After clicking on "Send", watch as your ZIP file is being uploaded:

    You will soon see a screen that looks like this, showing that your ZIP file has been successfully uploaded:

    If you see an message that says "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable", see below.

    Notice in the above that you see the following:
    followed by a sequence of letters/numbers. This is what you need to send to us. In the above example, it is E0M92CVI , but your upload sequence will of course be different.

    You could carefully write down these letters/numbers, and email it to us.

    Or, you could have your computer memorize it exactly. To do this, click on the above line and you will see a screen similar to the below, if you are using Windows Explorer:

    At this point, hit the "Favorites" button on your web browser, click "Add to Favorites", and add this unique website as one of your favorites so as not to misplace this website.

    In the above, the "Favorites" button is here:

    Now that your computer has 'memorized' this website, you can relax. It's all downhill from here.

    Highlight the website address as seen in your address bar, as shown below:

    ... right-click, and click "Copy"

    Send us an email. In the body of the email, right-click and then click "Paste".

    That's it. We'll download your ZIP file, and let you know that we received it ok.

    If you make a mistake in the emailing, you can always click "Favorites" and go back to your MegaUpload webpage.

    To learn more about MegaUpload from Wikipedia, click here.

    For an alternative way to upload photos to us, you can use Dropbox. Here's how.

    Possible Error Message

    In the rare event that you are getting "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable" this error is usually generated when there is a problem on one or more of the MegaUpload servers. When the problem is fixed, the link will return. It can take an hour to a few days but the link will indeed return. We will check back with MegaUpload periodically to retreive your file.