How to Copy and Reduce Your Photos

Send us Hundreds of Photos
to be used as Tiles!

Download/Print these instructions in PDF format.

Digital cameras (even cell-phones) take photos that are far too large than what we need. In fact, some email servers may have a limit to the size (in Megabytes) that you are allowed to send. If you're only sending us, say, about 50 photos to be used as tiles (and if your email server doesn't care about the size of your emails), then don't bother to copy and reduce them in size. But if you want to email us hundreds of photos, it may be easier to copy & reduce them in size before you email them to us.

You can use the FREE program Irfanview to copy and reduce a few, or perhaps hundreds of your photos. Doing so will allow you to quickly email us hundreds of photos -- the more, the better -- for the tiles in your mosaic. Here's how.

Click here to download and install the FREE program Irfanview.

First, store your originals safely on your hard drive. Assume you have a family event’s photos, and they are in a folder you have named "2009 11 26 Thanksgiving". If so, create a sub-folder inside of that main folder, and simply name it "Originals". Put all your orignals in this "Originals" folder.

Create another folder called "Low Res" in the "2009 11 26 Thanksgiving" folder. Using Windows Explorer, browse to the "Originals" folder, and open one of the photos using Irfanview.

While in Irfanview, click "File", and click "Batch Conversion".

In the "Look In" line, browse to the above "Originals" folder. Click "Add All" – or just select which ones you want to batch convert. Remember: only send us horizontal photos. Do not send vertical photos.

In the "Work As" section, click "Batch Conversion".

In the "Output format", choose "JPG".

Check the "Use Advanced Options" square, then click "Advanced". Check the "Resize" square. Check "Set new size".

Check "Set new size", and then below that, check “Set Long Size to” and in the box, type the number 400.

In the next section (below the “Set new size”), check the square that says: “Preserve aspect ratio (proportional)” – this will ensure that neither the width or height of the photo will be distorted.

You will now be back in the general "Batch Conversion" page. In the "Output Directory" section, click "Use current (‘look in’) directory", then right away click the "Browse" button, and change the location from the "Originals" folder to the "Low Res" folder.

Finally, click "Start Batch", and your photos should now be copied from your "Originals" folder to your "Low Res" folder, and reduced in size.

If you want to, you can email individually these Low Res photos, or you can Zip the folder, and send us the Zip file.

To Zip up a folder, or group of photos, simply select (highlight) them; then right click on what you have selected, click "Send To" and then click "Compressed Zip File." When the computer is finished zipping up these Low Res photos into a Zip file, you can email us this zip file.

Download/Print these instructions in PDF format.